Dewalt Vacuum Accessories Vacuum Replacement Parts: Bags, Filter, Belt, Hose & Attachment Accessories

Dewalt Vacuum accessories are one of the complete online vacuum parts stores that presents you with both item description and pictures. You are presented with high-quality vacuum cleaner parts that are highly compatible with your Dewalt vacuum cleaner. With this guide, you will explore the solid, strong accessories that will keep your vacuum cleaning journey going.

Here are the accessories and replacement parts you ought to find in the Dewalt Vacuum cleaner shop;

  1. Mini Sting Ray Dust Extractor Nozzle

The Mini Sting Ray Dust Extractor Nozzle with the 20V MAX* Brushless Cordless Universal Dust Extractor plays an essential role in keeping your workplace clean. The nozzle is geared towards collecting dust while chipping and drilling holes that can measure up to 0.5 inches in diameter. Thanks to the capability of this nozzle to adhere to most masonry surfaces.

  1. Disposable Plastic Liner for DCV585 Dust Extractor (5 PK)

This accessory allows the users to efficiently empty the tank without necessarily releasing harmful dust into the surrounding. This equipment will work best in your Dewalt vacuum cleaner. The product’s width is 15.08 inches, and its height of 11.93 inches. The bodyweight of the accessory is o.01 pounds only. With this product, you will gain faster dust bin emptying.

  1. Accessory Hose for DWV010 Dust Extractor

This product from the Dewalt vacuum accessories shop is a 2-1/2’’ accessory hose for DWV010 that will help in cleaning up your home surfaces with greater ease. The hose can also be used on woodworking, concrete, and drywall. This type of hose measures only 3 pounds, making it highly portable.

  1. Replacement HEPA Filter Set for DWV010 & DWV012 (Type 2) Dust Extractors

This is one of the best-selling replacement HEPA filter sets that guarantee 99.97% particle capturing. This means that any particle greater than or equal to 0.3 microns can be easily trapped. The HEPA filters come in a 2-package, and the filters are reusable. The dimensions of this product are 13.38 inches in length, 6.98 inches in width and 5.38 inches in height.

  1. 7800 Drywall Sander Adapter for DEWALT Dust Extractors

The Drywall adapter is made of high-quality and durable plastic resin construction material as it allows connection to Dewalt dust extractors. This accessory is commonly used for painting preparation and drywall sanding. The Dewalt vacuum cleaner accessory measures 9.25 by 5 by 2.25 inches and weighs 1.76 ounces only, making it a highly portable product.

  1. Paper Bag (5 Pack) for DEWALT Dust Extractors

This product allows the user to efficiently and quickly empty the Dewalt vacuum cleaner tank without any harmful dust getting released into the surrounding. When purchasing this product, you will find it in a five dust bag pack. You can easily use this product on drywall dust, wood dust, and concrete dust. You will love the portability of this product since it only weighs 1.3 pounds.

Frequently Asked Question 

Do Dewalt Vacuum Accessories have a lifetime warranty?

The Dewalt vacuum accessories offer a three-year warranty on the products it sells to its customers.

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