Demystifying Every Detail About eureka vacuum belts, Everything You Must Know Before About the Belts

Your child just spilled their breakfast on your clean mat. You instinctively run to your Eureka vacuum cleaner to deal with the dirt on the mat. On your way to pick up the vacuum cleaner, you cannot help only wonder, “The vacuum has been serving me diligently for some years; why so?” To start with, Eureka vacuums have been around since the early 1900s. They have been serving home and office users for quite some time now. Throughout its lifespan, Eureka has dedicated many innovations and creativity to its vacuum cleaners and accessories to ensure they bring the best value to its users. And with so many years of experience in the vacuuming industry, you can put your money on Eureka to do the task for you.

But like all gadgets, the vacuum cleaner is bound to defect, often calling for part replacements. One of the parts that are bound to wear and tear with time is the belts. In this article, we will focus majorly on Eureka vacuum belts.

The Role of Eureka Vacuum Belts

So, what is the function of Eureka Vacuum Belts? It is important to understand that Eureka Vacuum Belts play the same function as all the other vacuum belts. The belts are used to rotate the bars of the brushers that are then used for agitating dust and dirt from the cleaning surfaces. Because of the heavy friction subjected to the belts as they rotate the brushers’ bars, they are bound to wear and tear after some time. Sooner or later, you will have to replace the belts with new ones. It is thus crucial to understand the various types of belts that can be used on your Eureka Vacuum cleaner.

Types of Eureka Vacuum Belts

There are several Eureka Vacuum belt types. The types are compatible with different Eureka Vacuums, and one needs to know the model of the vacuum cleaner so as to buy a perfectly compatible belt. The belt types include the following;

Eureka Style AR Belt

The Eureka Style AR Belt fits Eureka power team canister 6800 and 6900 series.

Eureka Style PT Belts

The Eureka Style AR Belt fits canister Eureka 1200, 1500, 1700, 3900, 6800, 6860, 6880, 6885, 6990, and 8200 power team series vacuums.

Eureka Style R SmartVac Belt

This type of Eureka belt has wide compatibility. It fits all the Boss smart vac vacuum series and some Ultra SmartVac Cyclonic vacuums.

There are other Eureka vacuum belt styles such as Eureka Style Z Belt, Eureka PowerNozzle Belt (Old Style), Eureka Style U Extended Life Belt, and Eureka Style S Belt.

1.    Can the Eureka vacuum cleaner still run without a belt?

No. It is not possible to run the Eureka vacuum without a belt. If the belt breaks or is worn out beyond limits, you will have to get a replacement belt to continue using the vacuum cleaner.

2.    How do I replace the vacuum belt on my Eureka vacuum cleaner?

First, you will need a new replacement belt. You can watch the video in the link below for instructions on how to replace your Eureka vacuum belt.

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