Bosch Athlet ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU Review: A Great Suction for Pet Hair Menace

What is Bosch Vacuum HEPA Athlet ProAnimal?

The Bosch Athlet ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU is among the markets best and high-performance vacuum cleaner. The vacuum is specially designed to tackle pet hair among other household dirt. If you are a dog or cat parent, you also need a vacuum that can adequately deal with the pet hair and dander in your home. The vacuum can easily clean all types of floors including the carpets. The Bosch vacuum cleaners are engineered with great suction power for perfect collection of pet hair and dust. In addition, the Bosch have installed high-quality filtration system not to mention the AllFloor HighPower brush that ensure maximum performance of the vacuum.

Functions of the Bosch Vacuum HEPA BCH6ZOOAU

The Bosch Athlet ProAnimal vacuum cleaner is specially designed for picking up pet hair. However, the vacuum can pick up any other type of dirt on all type of floors including the carpets. The vacuum has the motorized brush and the AllFloor HighPower Brush which makes is highly effective for picking up hair in the carpets. And because this vacuum is cordless, you can use it for vacuuming the car.

Features and Design

  • A great vacuum for pet lovers- the Bosch Vacuum HEPA is highly efficient at removing pet hair. A lot of pet owners struggle with removing pet hair from the floors, carpets and beds. The vacuum is equipped with powerful suction which enables the vacuum to pick up the pet dander and hair efficiently.
  • 60-minute runtime- the Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology battery of the vacuum is long lasting up to 60 minutes of run time. The user has adequate cleaning session before recharging the battery.
  • Assorted accessories for flexible cleaning-the vacuum comes with different type of accessories which allows for flexible cleaning on all type of floors and for cleaning hard to reach areas of the house. The accessories include, an upholstery nozzle, crevice nozzle, an optional short handle, a hose, and a shoulder strap.
  • An easy cleaning system- the vacuum is easy to operate and maintain. You can easily remove the roller brush from the nozzle for cleaning. Additionally, you do not have to pick dirt manually, thanks to the powerful suction that pulls pet hair, dust, and debris.
  • Three cleaning modes- the vacuum has three cleaning modes which are level 1 for handling normal and easy cleaning jobs, level 2 for cleaning and handling difficult tasks, and level 3 for dealing with stubborn cleaning needs.
  • Easy to store- the vacuum is equipped with a self-stand feature which makes storage of the vacuum easy. Also, you can keep the vacuum upright while charging.
  • Excellent performance- this Bosch Vacuum HEPA is fitted with Smart-Sensor Control that monitors the performance of the vacuum to ensure optimum performance at all times. It has a LED display which alerts the user when the filter needs cleaning or replacement. Additionally, the vacuum will indicate when the performance of the vacuum starts to deteriorate.
  • Powerful and Durable batteries- the vacuum runs on long lasting and rechargeable Bosch Lithium-Ion Technology which not only lasts long but offer long cleaning period and long service.
  • HEPA Filters- the vacuum is fitted with Hygienic Filter that traps allergens, pet dander, and other particles in the air leaving you home with fresh and clean air.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent battery life at 60 minutes on low mode
  • Three power modes
  • Great at picking pet hair suitable for houses with pets
  • The vacuum has a Smart Sensor technology which alerts the user on the status of the battery and filter.
  • The ProAnimal brush can be used on turbo mode for max pet hair picking.


  • The filtration system is standard
  • Low capacity dust canister H
  • It is pricier
  • The battery lasts for just 10 minutes on maximum power modes




Filter type



‎9.4 L x 9.4 W x 28.7 H Centimeters

Power source

‎Battery Powered


‎25.2 Volts




‎400 watts


‎0.9 Liters

Noise level

‎79 dB

Run time

‎1 hour

Item Weight

‎3.3 Kilograms

Vacuum Bag Type


Floor type

Carpet, hard floors, tiles, and fabrics

Accessories and attachments

·       ProAnimal brush nozzle

·       Attachable adapter with hose

·       Shoulder strap

·       Upholstery crevice

·       Car seat nozzle

·       Additional short handle


Who Should Buy Bosch Vacuum HEPA BCH6ZOOAU

As discussed above, the Bosch Athlet ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU is specially designed to handle pet hair and dander on different types of floors including on the carpets and fabrics. Pet hair is a real nuisance if you do not have a vacuum cleaner that can adequately remove pet hair on the floors, carpets, pet beds, and other fabrics. So, if you are a pet owner, you should consider having this vacuum cleaner to help you adequately deal with pet hair. However, the vacuum is excellent at picking up all type of dirt from all types of surfaces. Also, the cordless nature of the vacuum enables it to be used for car cleaning.

Review of Bosch Vacuum HEPA BCH6ZOOAU

Dealing with pet hair at the carpets and floors is a real struggle for majority of pet owners. Therefore, every owner of the pet must have a vacuum cleaner that helps to remove the pet even on high pile carpets.

The vacuum runs on a durable and long lasting lithium-ion battery, that allows you to continuously vacuum the floors for up to 60 minutes. The battery will take approximately six hours to charge. The vacuum is equipped with stiff bristles which are powered by a turbo which delivers enough suction to pick up pet hair, dust, and debris on hard floors and on carpets.

Additionally, the vacuum comes with highly efficient filters that traps fine particles, allergens, pet hair, and debris.

You can adjust the power of the vacuum up to three levels depending with the type of cleaning you are doing. Every level has a different level of suction power. In addition to the good suction power, the vacuum has a good filtration system.

Another impressive feature of the vacuum is the SmartSensor technology which notifies the user on the status of the vacuum especially the filters.

Also, the vacuum is easy to maneuver around thanks to the self-standing feature. The self-standing feature comes in handy for easy storage of the vacuum. Therefore, it does not have a docking station. Also, it is lightweight for easy movement.

Comparison Chart: Bosch Athlet ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU VS. Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner Vs. Hoover Heritage 5210 Vacuum Cleaner



Bosch Athlet ProAnimal

Dyson V8 Animal Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Heritage 5210 Vacuum Cleaner

Form factor

Hand held cordless

Hand held stick cordless

Hand held,  Upright, cordless


3.3 Kilograms

5.64 Pounds

15.9 Pounds

Pet hair





25.2 Volts

120240 Volt

14.4 volts

Battery type



Ni-MH 2200mAh 12 cells


400 watts

450W, Suction 115 AW

80 Watts

Noise level

‎79 dB

72.7 dBA max

80 dB

Power source


Battery Powered

Battery powered

Filter type









0.9 liters

0.14 Liters

0.4 liters

Run time

60 minutes

40 minutes

20 minutes

Charge time

6 hours

5 hours

3 Hours

Product dimensions

‎9.4 x 9.4 x 28.7 centimeters

9.8 L x 8.2 W x 49 H Inches

15 × 10 × 15 cm

Special feature




Accessories and attachments

·       ProAnimal brush nozzle

·       Attachable adapter with hose

·       A shoulder strap

·       An upholstery crevice

·       A car seat nozzle

·       a short handle

·       Brush Filter

·       Combination Tool

·       Crevice Tool

·       Multi-angle Brush

·        On-board Storage Clip

·       Soft dusting brush

·       Upholstery tool

·       hard bristle brush tool

·       Turbo brush

·       HEPA Filter

·       Crevice tool

·       Power Brush



Frequently Asked Questions About Bosch Athlet ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU Vacuum

1.My Bosch vacuum keep on cutting power. What is the reason?

If your Bosch vacuum keeps on cutting out after two or three minutes of use, the problem could be the filters. Other issues could be due to obstruction of air circulation, the battery is faulty or there is power obstruction, overheating due to fouling or a breakdown of mechanical component. Conduct mechanical tests to establish what could be wrong with it.

2.My Bosch vacuum cleaner is not charging. What could be the issue?

Probably, the charger does not deliver the voltage required to charge the Bosch vacuum battery. First, ensure the power cord is not damaged and can deliver the power to the battery. Also, ensure there is power in the outlet.

3.How can I tell if my Bosch Athlet ProAnimal vacuum is fully charged?

The vacuum through the LED display screen will indicate to the user when the battery is fully charged, half charged or when the battery is low. Once the battery is fully charged, it will last for approximately 60 minutes.

4.How long does it take to fully charge the battery ofBosch Athlet ProAnimal vacuum Cleaner?

It takes approximately six hours to fully charge the batter of your vacuum.

Video of Bosch Athlet ProAnimal BCH6ZOOAU Vacuum

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