Best Vacuum for Long Human Hair: Shark Apex, Zero-M, Anti-Hair Wrap, Dyson V15 Detect, Eureka Airspeed...

Why do I need the best vacuum for long human hair?

Do you have long hair? Do you struggle in removing those fallen hairs from your carpet, floor, upholstery? Well, you are not alone. Many people around the world are having the same problem. Human hair can be a pain especially when the vacuum’s brush starts to tangle because of them. They easily get caught in the brushrolls and affect other components making the overall performance of a vacuum lower. But those times are soon to be over or at least less frequent especially if you will use the best vacuums for long human hair. These vacuums pack an excellent performance that would simply put you in awe.

Best Vacuum For Long Human Hair in 2020, 2021, 2022

Buying cleaning articles like the best vacuum for long human hair is never wrong since there is an actual need for it. So, if you are asking yourself whether you should or can buy the best vacuum for long human hair then the answer is yes. The best vacuums for long human hair vary in performance, price, and overall intuitiveness and design but all of them share the fact that they clean and suck long human hair amazingly. And where can you buy them? You can buy the best vacuum for long human hair in various stores. You could probably drive to the nearest supermarket to ask them whether they sell these vacuums or perhaps you could check their individual online shops, or if you are really busy, you could also check Amazon and eBay.

How do I choose the best vacuum for long human hair?

One major problem that people face when they are out buying a vacuum is choosing the ones that suit best for their needs.  And this is a real problem because there are times that they do buy a vacuum but it does not tackle the problem, or that they avail a high-priced vacuum but its performance is not that great. The descriptions do not help either since most of the time they are marketed as efficient vacuums that would not leave any trace of fallen hair be it from a pet or a human. And that makes it challenging, but fret not, there are some simple things you need to look into when choosing so that you can avoid those kinds of vacuums.

  1. Type of vacuum. Not all vacuums are the same. Vacuums can be divided into different types mainly canisters, robots, upright, sticks, and more. The bottom line is that each type has its pros and cons. Canister vacuums are pretty quiet and powerful but quite bulky and cumbersome to use. Robots can also clean a small amount of short and long human hair. Yes, that is right, the word is small. If you would deal with a small amount then a robot is an efficient choice but if you would deal with a different case then you might have a problem since they have a small dustbin and low power. Uprights are also a choice but you need to deal with their cord, weight, and size. Lastly, you could pick a stick vacuum. Stick vacuums are lightweight, portable, and versatile. The cleaning power of a stick vacuum could also be compared to upright vacuums especially those of the latest models.
  2. Self-cleaning brushes. Most vacuums that you would come across with or come across with frequently have tangled hairs in their brushrolls or clogged hose due to hair clumps. These things make cleaning less efficient, harder, and messy. They add extra hassle since you sometimes need to remove the strands during the vacuuming session. So, if you are tired of it then you could choose vacuums that have self-cleaning brushes. These brushes will clean human hair without you worrying about a clogged hose or a brushroll with tangled hairs in it.
  3. Suction Power. It is not enough that the brush is tangle-free since what the brush does is only half of the task. Clearly, you need good suction power to make these hairs travel to the bin. If the suction is too weak then they might get stuck in the tube which will then clog it eventually. When that occurs, the airflow is reduced and the vacuum loses some cleaning power which would make it less efficient. A clogged tube would also mean more hassle since it would definitely need some manual force to remove the stuck debris.
  4. Design is not only about the overall aesthetic of a device. It is not solely about appearance since design could have an impact on the performance of a vacuum. Most of the time, design is concerned about the color, shape, and weight of the device. However, design is also concerned with brushrolls. The design of brush rolls is a factor in resisting tangles and the time spent removing them. Thus, it is beneficial to choose vacuums with good brush roll designs that are specifically made to address hair tangles.
  5. Clogging would sometimes become an issue during your vacuuming session thus it is good to choose those that are made out of slippery plastic. You also need to consider the diameter of the hose since a larger diameter makes inspection easier in the case that it became clogged.
  6. The different accessories that come with a vacuum could be good additions to your vacuuming sessions.
  7. Easy to disassemble. Cleaning the vacuum of tangled human hair would always happen, as such, it is better to have a vacuum that could easily be disassembled and assembled.


Best 5 Vacuum for Long Human Hair

1. Shark Apex with Duo-Clean, Zero-M, Anti-Hair Wrap


Shark Apex is one of the best vacuums for fallen human hair. It offers self-cleaning brushroll technology a good counter to tangled hair; an active-glide technology that ensures smooth maneuverability; noise reduction technology for a quieter cleaning; an anti-allergen complete seal technology with HEPA filter trap to help in dealing with dust and other allergens; an amazing suction power to get all those fallen hair, and duo-clean technology to directly engage floors for a polished look. It also comes with attachments that could easily be attached and detached. Perhaps, the only not so good feature is its weight since is a little bit heavy.  


2. Dyson V15 Detect For Long Hair


Dyson V15 Detect is a good choice when dealing with long human hair. This lightweight and highly maneuverable stick, bagless, and cordless vacuum can clean long human hairs on most surfaces like bare floors, carpeted floors, and more. It also boasts an LED display at the back that could help you monitor battery life and the estimated size and number of particles it sucked up. Its suction power is pretty strong too. It also offers an allergen trapping HEPA filter that helps in trapping dust and other allergens. Moreover, its components like brushrolls could easily be removed for easier cleaning. The only point of concern is its build since it does not feel especially sturdy. The different parts and components also require more demanding maintenance.

3. Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hair


Eureka Airspeed Ultra-Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner is a good partner for deep cleaning and for ridding off of fallen long human hairs. It is packed with good cleaning technology while weighing only 7.7 pounds. It also has incredible suction power and its dust cup can hold up to 2.2 liters of dirt. However, this vacuum has a small suction area and its build does not feel especially sturdy.


4. Wyze Cordless Vacuum For Long Hair


Budget is one of the things one must consider when buying anything like a vacuum. However, the quality should not suffer because of it and Wyze Cordless Vacuum is proof of it. It is a budget-friendly vacuum that packs some deep-cleaning technology that could help you in dealing with the long human hairs in your bare floor or low and high-pile carpet. It also has great maneuverability due to its lightweight plastic construction. Moreover, this stick and bagless vacuum has a removable brushroll that means an easier time cleaning it, and an easier time removing tangled hairs. It also features a HEPA filter to help you trap dust, molds, and other allergens. However, some parts of it feel fragile and require more cleaning and maintenance.


5. Bissell MultiClean Allergen Vacuum Cleaner For Long Hair


Bissell is a popular vacuum brand and its popularity is pretty because of its good and reliable products like their MultiClean Allergen Vacuum Cleaner. This device boasts a high suction power so all those hairs on your floor will be properly dealt with. It also has motorized-tangle-free brushrolls that ensure easier maintenance. Its HEPA sealed Allergen system is also a good feature as it helps trap dust, molds, and other allergens. But consumers need to really look into its suction area, check whether they are satisfied with its quite tiny size.


Best Vacuum for Long Human Hair, Choose the one that suits you.

Choosing the best vacuum for long human hair is a matter of what suits you best. You need to consider the frequency of usage, the amount of hair to be cleaned, your budget, and the specifics of the device. Though many face the problem of dealing with long human hair, the characteristics of the problems are not all the same. So, choose not the one with the most-advanced feature but the one which will definitely solve your problem.

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