Best Moosoo Robot Vacuum [MT-710,Mt-501,RT50,R4,RT40] Review (2022): 

Robot vacuum cleaners are an excellent type of vacuum cleaner compared to regular vacuum cleaners because they achieve fully automatic dust cleaning, which has brought great convenience to our lives. However, many users will still question how efficient the Moosoo robot vacuum cleaners are. We’re about to answer that question.

The Moosoo robot vacuum cleaner has a highly intelligent microprocessor that calculates the space size and the obstacle area and automatically adjusts the cleaning route using the selected cleaning mode. For example, it can automatically detect the situation of the floor surface, from carpet to hard floor, and change the speed and suction to better clean the area, returning to the charging cradle to charge once the cleaning operation is done. 

Comparison table between Moosoo MT-710, MT-501, RT50 and R4


Moosoo MT-710

Moosoo Mt-501

Moosoo RT50

Moosoo R4

Navigation Mode

Free movement system

Smart movement system

Gyro 2.0

Lidar navigation system

Suction Power





Battery Life





Active time

120 min

100 min

120 min




Washable HEPA

Washable HEPA

Washable HEPA

Product Height

2.8 inches

3 inches

2.85 inches

2.8 inches



Hard floor and carpet (multi-surface)

Hard floor, carpet, and wood floors

Hard floor, carpet, and medium-pile carpet

Hard floor, carpet, and wood floor

Controller type

Remote control, app contro,l and voice control

Remote control, app control, and voice control

Remote control, app control, and voice control

App control, button control, and voice control


Up to 65db

Up to 65db

Up to 65db

Up to 60db

Moosoo MT-710 Robot Vacuum

Fresh out of the box, the MT-710 includes the MT-710 Robot Vacuum, Remote control (not including batteries), charging brick, AC power adapter, a cleaning tool, four extra sets of high-performance filters, and six side brushes.

Its super-strong suction of 1800pa makes it highly effective. The robot vacuum will clean your floors by removing dust, dirt, and even annoying pet hair. The ultra-thin Moosoo robot can clean below a sofa, bed, or cabinet without being about the robot getting trapped. It includes a 25000-milliamp lithium-ion battery which allows a cleaning time of up to 120 minutes, which means the robot vacuum could clean a 160-square-foot residence repeatedly. 

It has a dust capacity of 0.6 liters and a washable HEPA filter, which will assist in keeping the air in your house clean and healthy. It includes three cleaning modes: spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and manual cleaning smart, allowing you to tailor it to your specific needs. In addition, the robot vacuum can be programmed to clean itself, so you'll never have to bother about vacuuming your floors again. For example, if you only need to touch up your floors in a small area, you may set your vacuum to spot cleaning.

The MT-710 is fitted with infrared sensors that allow it to detect any obstacle. The robot vacuum also has advanced technology to keep it from dropping. When it is done vacuuming your home, it will automatically return to the charging base and wait for its subsequent usage.

Moosoo MT-501 Robot Vacuum

When you first open your MT-501, you will receive the the MT501 robot vacuum, a remote control, a charging brick, an ac power adaptor, a cleaning tool, and an extra set of high-performance filters, side brushes, and a manual.

This robot vacuum is 3 inches tall and has a highly glossy design that sadly will attract dust and fingerprints. It has a 0.6-liter bin and a 2,500-milliamp battery that allows it to run for 120 minutes. It also has strong wheels that will enable it to climb practically anything its size. As a result, it has no problems going from hard floor to carpet. It also has multiple cleaning modes: Auto Cleaning, Spot Cleaning, Edge Cleaning, and Manual Cleaning. 

This vacuum cleaner utilizes a smart chip to map the room as it cleans, so it knows where it has cleaned and where it hasn't. It also goes to the room's edge to ensure it is clean. It is excellent for pet-friendly homes. The premium three-stage filtration system removes visible dirt and pet hair.

One notable benefit of this vacuum cleaner is how quiet it cleans, so you won't hear anything while cleaning the room. It also has drop-sensing technology, so it will turn around if it comes too close to a staircase or anything else. It also includes auto-return charging, which means it will return to its charging pad after it has finished cleaning the room. In addition, the robot vacuum seamlessly connects with Alexa and Google and can be controlled by your smart life app or the remote.

Moosoo RT50 Robot Vacuum

The Moosoo RT50 takes all of the best features of Moosoo robot vacuum cleaners and improves them. There are few differences between them. However, you will observe a significant increase in suction experience. The suction power of the RT30 is 2200Pa rather than 1800Pa, and it can also automatically change from hard floor to carpet/rugs by increasing its suction force. The RT50 is one of the most noticeable differences. The combination of higher suction power and a more efficient brush system results in a cleaner and more efficient vacuum cleaner, and that’s why this model stands out.

Furthermore, compared to standard randomly-cleaning pathways, Moosoo robotic vacuum's zig-zag path may clean your house more completely row by row without repeating and omitting some spots, making house cleaning faster and easier. The robot vacuum cleaner can reach areas that a standard vacuum cannot, such as beneath the sofa and cabinets. It has a 2500 milliamp lithium-ion battery that can clean for up to 110 minutes. As a result, the robot vacuum is also appropriate for larger house cleaning without making too much noise. The cleaning will be done quietly, so your child and pets are not disturbed.

This robotic vacuum is Alexa and Google Assistant compatible and will automatically recharge when the battery runs low. As a result, the perfect cleaning performance will fulfil your needs and eliminate the need for tiresome everyday cleaning.

Moosoo R4 Robot Vacuum

The R4 has an advanced Lidar navigation technology that allows it to develop a real-time map of your home, develop the best cleaning pathways for a thorough and efficient cleaning, and avoid missing or repeating a spot too many times.

Suction power is a crucial component of any vacuum cleaner, which is why the R4 has a suction force of 1800pa that can be changed between three speeds based on your needs. The robot can also recognize carpets and instantly switch to max mode. Then, while cleaning, it quickly sucks out dust, crumbs, pet hairs, and even pit-trapped trapped dirt from inside the carpets.

The robot vacuum will immediately return to charge when the battery is less than 20% charged. When the battery reaches 80%, the robot will begin cleaning where it is left off until the work is finished.

Alexa or Google Assistant can operate the R4 smart robotic vacuum cleaner, and you can also start and stop it by pressing a button on the robot. In addition, you can plan, monitor, manage, and adjust cleaning from anywhere and at any time with the App support. Map saving, no-go zones, zone cleanings, and other functions are available.

Video of the Moosoo Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: 


Can the Moosoo robot vacuum and map at the same time?

Based on the features of the Moosoo robot vacuum, such as its strong suction power, sets of high-performance filters, and brushes, there is a clear indication that it can vacuum a room. In addition, it has the latest lidar navigation technology system that allows it to map your home, enabling the user to set schedules where the robot automatically starts cleaning the house. Sadly, it doesn’t have any features that would allow it to mop the house, let alone do the vacuuming and moping process together. 

Does the Moosoo robot vacuum work well on hardwood floors?

The hardwood surface is not an issue with the Moosoo robot vacuum cleaner. The Moosoo robot vacuum model has different cleaning modes: Auto Cleaning, Spot cleaning, edge cleaning, and Manual cleaning, which enables it to automatically detect hardwood floors and then change the suction speed needed to clean the hardwood floor. Interestingly, the Moosoo robot vacuum needs less suction power while cleaning hardwood floors and this result in less noise.  

Does the Moosoo robot vacuum pick up dog/cat hair?

In most cases, the regular vacuum is not very good at picking up pet hair, and this is not the case with the Moosoo robot vacuum as they are particularly good at picking up any pet’s hair. The robot vacuum’s rubber brushes are designed to clean multiple surfaces, including carpeting and hard floors, and they don’t get tangled with pet hair.

Can you use the Moosoo robot vacuum on different floors?

Yes, The Moosoo robot vacuum cleaner is equipped with a highly advanced microprocessor that evaluates the space size and obstacle area and automatically changes the cleaning route based on the cleaning mode selected. For example, it can automatically identify the floor surface, from carpet to hard floor, and adjust the speed and suction to better clean the area, returning to the charging cradle to charge after the cleaning operation is complete.

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