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If you've been looking for where to get the best vacuums to clean, A-Z has you covered. 

What Is The A to Z Vacuum Shop?

A to Z vacuum is a retail store whose head office is in Wyoming. They have over thirty years of experience in vacuums. The A to Z vacuum shop specializes in quality vacuum cleaners from different parts of the world, with various features, shapes, and sizes. 

On the A to Z vacuum website, you can access hundreds of vacuums and useful tips and tricks to help you choose wisely. The store also sells heaters, cleaners, and other household products. 

Base Info


A to Z Vacuum


(610) 374.4888


350 N. Park Road

Wyomissing, PA 19610

Open Time:

Monday-Friday: 9 am - 6 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 4 pm

Sunday: Closed

Main Products:

A-Z vacuums specialize in vacuum cleaner brands such as 

  • Bissell
  • Riccar 
  • Sanitaire
  • Miele 
  • Simplicity
  • Dyson
  • Hoover 
  • SEBO
  • Shark
  • Oreck
  • Maytag and other quality vacuum cleaner brands


A to Z Vacuum

Main Products of A to Z Vacuum Shop

  • Bissell BGU1451T Upright Vacuum Cleaner and other Bissell Vacuums
  • Hoover UH30600 Upright Vacuum Cleaner and other Hoover Vacuums
  • Miele C3 Homecare Powerline Canister Vacuum Cleaner
  • Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Miele Triflex HX1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and other Miele Vacuums
  • Riccar Gem Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
  • Riccar R25 Deluxe Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Riccar Roam Cordless Stick Vacuum cleaner and other Riccar Vacuums
  • Sanitaire Tradition SC886 Upright Vacuum Cleaner
  • Sanitaire Tradition SC679J Upright Vacuum Cleaner and other Sanitaire Vacuums

Comparison Between Hoover UH30301, Bissell BGU1451T, and Sanitaire SC679J






Hoover WindTunnel Tempo UH30301




32×16.5×12.5 inches

12×13×12.25 inches

21.3×17.4×9.06 inches


15.9 Pounds

12 Pounds

15.87 Pounds

Specific Use

Hardfloor, Dual Action, Carpet

Upholstery, Carpet, Floor


Power Source

30ft Corded Electric

30ft Corded Electric

30ft Corded Electric


12 AMP

10 AMP

5.0 AMP





HEPA Filter




Control Type

Push Button

Push Button

Foot Control





Review Of Hoover Wind Tunnel Tempo (UH30301)


  • Powerful motorhead
  • It has a HEPA filter
  • Works on any surface


  • The height selector is too low on the cleaner head for people with back issues. 

Key Features

1. Long Cord

One of the impressive features of the UH30301 is that it has a 30-foot-long power cord that can allow you to clean different areas of your home. There's no downside when using an election cord long enough to allow you to clean at any time of the day. 

2. HEPA Filter

A HEPA filter traps up to 99.7% of dust, pollen, dirt, and other allergens. This feature in UH30301 makes it perfect for pet owners and people with allergies. The filter will trap air pollutants 0.3 microns or larger and keep the air in your home clean.

3. Multi Floor Adjustment

This feature allows you to adjust the vacuum height in five different ways. It makes it suitable for all floor surfaces. People with different types of floors in their homes will find the feature quite beneficial, seeing as the vacuum can move from high pile carpets to hard floors with ease.  

4. Powerful Suction

The Windtunnel technology produces about 12 AMP to enable the vacuum to pick up pet hair, dust, dirt, and other debris from your floor. The vacuum suction is powerful, and it sucks up dirt in one glide. 


  • The vacuum can clean large areas
  • It is effective in picking up pet hair
  • UH30301 gets rid of allergens through its filter
  • Works efficiently on any floor surface

Cleaning Performance

The Hoover UH30301 has to be assembled before you can use it, but with the help of the detailed user manual that comes with the box, it takes about fifteen minutes to do so. 

It has a 30 ft cord you can easily plug to get the vacuum running. One of the downsides of the cord is that it doesn't retract, so wrap it around to store it. 

The vacuum has a 12 AMP suction motor which makes it great for cleaning big messes. When it comes to cleaning different floor surfaces, the multi-height adjustment works just fine. 

The highest adjustment suits high pile carpets and rugs. The vacuum immediately sucks up dirt as big as cheerios from the floor. The lowest adjustment does better on bare floors. The suction power remains effective irrespective of where you place the vacuum height.

There are extra tools and attachments to clean areas the main motorhead cannot reach. The manual specifies their uses, so it is important to go through it. 

Overall, the Hoover UH30301 thoroughly cleans dirt from various floor surfaces.

Review Of Bissell BGU1451T


  • Powerful suction
  • Extra accessories/tools


  • No HEPA filter

Key Features

1. 3 Stage Filtration

This multiple-stage filter system will ensure that all the pollen and allergens are trapped and not released back into the air.

2. Power Cord

The BGU1451T power source is from a 30-foot electric power source. It is an extra long cord that can allow you to clean multiple rooms around your home without having to unplug the vacuum from the power outlet. Unlike their battery-powered counterparts, you don't have to stop mid-cleaning to recharge your vacuum.

3. Strong Suction

It has a 10 AMP motor which makes it through in picking up dirt and debris from any surface. The vacuum is guaranteed to leave your floor ten times cleaner than any other upright vacuum. 

4. 5 Height Adjustment

There are five different height settings to choose from. The feature allows the vacuum to move from one type of floor surface to another with ease. 

5. Cleaning Tools/Accessories

The inclusion of extra tools allows for a more thorough and versatile cleaning. The crevice tool, for example, can reach tight corners the main head motor cannot get to pick up dirt.


  • Easy to operate
  • The vacuum doesn't need high maintenance
  • You can clean at any time
  • The vacuum suits any floor type

Cleaning Performance

Before you can start cleaning, you need to read the user's manual to figure out how to assemble the parts. It should take you around thirty minutes or less. 

After you plug the power cord, switch on the vacuum with the rocker switch at the side of the vacuum. The switch moves easily in whichever direction. 

The vacuum works well on different floor surfaces due to its height adjustment, and it picks up pet hair and other dirt quite easily. All the dirt goes into a dust bag which isn't reusable. The frustrating thing about the dust bag feature is that it indicates being full even when the bag is not. 

BGU1451T works well in cleaning edges; although you may have to go over a particular spot more than once, it is nothing stressful.

The vacuum has three extra tools, a crevice tool, an upholstery tool, and the extension wand. The crevice tool is efficient in removing small dirt from hard-to-reach corners. You can use the extension wand to clean above the floor. You can use the upholstery/brush tool to clean furniture.

Review Of Sanitaire SC679J


  • Easy to operate 
  • It doesn't require too much maintenance


  • The vacuum is loud
  • No HEPA filter

Key Features

1. Strong Motor

The 5 AMP motor can deliver up to 120 CFM (cubic feet per minute) airflow. The powerful motor makes the vacuum a must for households with various cleaning needs.  It also has a 30-foot-long electric cord that enables you to clean as many rooms as you want. 

2. Lightweight

The vacuum is easy to maneuver while cleaning. Upright vacuums are known to get heavy, but at just 12 pounds, you will have no problem directing the vacuum to where you want to clean. 

3. 30 ft Cord

With its 30 ft power cord, you can clean multiple rooms in your home without switching power outlets. 


  • Suitable for people with back pain
  • The vacuum is easy to operate 
  • It has a long cord
  • The vacuum isn't heavy

Cleaning Performance

The vacuum is easy to assemble and would only take about 15 minutes. After which you can begin cleaning. 

To turn on the vacuum, step on the power on/off switch. There are five cleaning modes to clean with, each of which suits a certain floor type. Before you adjust the vacuum's height, you need to unplug it. Afterward, you step on the handle release located behind the left side of the vacuum.

The first two positions work well for low pile/bare floors. The vacuum sucks in the dirt, and it is good at getting dirt from corners. The other three positions work well with medium/high pile floor surfaces.

The motor amp of the vacuum is not very high compared to others, but it is very efficient at cleaning pet hair, dirt, and other debris. One downside of the vacuum is its noise level which is around 78dB. 

Video Review Of Sanitaire 7SC679J


A-Z vacuums specialize in high-quality vacuum brands to give you and your household the best cleaning experience. Visit their store to find their most affordable and efficient vacuum cleaners. 

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