A User Guide To Understanding Different Moosoo Vacuum Parts

The Moosoo cordless vacuum is arguably one of the most lightweight vacuum cleaners on the market. They are also known for their extensive versatility and portability. Moosoo vacuums run on a battery, and therefore you can move them from one room to another without the need for a cord. Cordless vacuums such as the Moosoo vacuum cleaner are also popular for their low suction power, and this makes them excellent options for quick spruce-ups and spot cleanings. If you have this vacuum cleaner, there are a few parts you will need to know how they work, just in case a need for replacement arises.

Moosoo Vacuum Battery Parts

The battery is a vital Moosoo vacuum part, without which your vacuum cleaner is as good as dead.

There are several types of Moosoo batteries characterized by different charge capacities and compatible with different models of the Moosoo vacuum cleaner. Such batteries include the ones listed below;

  • MOOSOO Rechargeable Li-on Battery for XL-618A Red Only
  • WTYPICS 2021 Upgraded 22.2V 3500mAh XL-618A Battery that is compatible with MOOSOO XL-618 XL-618A X6 Vacuum Cleaner

Most of these batteries are characterized by 6 cells, high safety, excellent performance, and are extremely durable. They are also easy to install.

Moosoo Vacuum HEPA Filters Parts

The filter is one of the most important Moosoo vacuum parts that you should know of. Like the batteries, there are also several filters compatible with the Moosoo vacuum cleaners. Some of them are listed below.

  • 618A replacement filter for moosoo XL-618A M8-PRO
  • UOUOLONUN HEPA Filters Compatible for MOOSOO XL-618A Cordless Vacuum
  • Cabiclean Replacement HEPA Filter Compatible for MOOSOO D600 / D601 and iwoly V600 Corded Vacuum Cleaner

You notice the emphasis is on compatibility. It is important that before you go shopping for a filter, you ascertain the model of your vacuum so that you get a filter that is perfectly compatible with it.

Moosoo Vacuum Charger Parts

Because Moosoo vacuums are powered by a battery, they need chargers to operate. Sometimes the chargers might fail to work, and you will need to find new ones. Like all the other parts, focus on model compatibility. You do not want to buy a charger that does not fit your vacuum cleaner.

Moosoo Vacuum Belts Part

Belts help to turn the rotary brush bar, which then beats dirt and dust from the cleaned surfaces. Moosoo vacuum belts, like most belts, are made of rubber to allow them to stretch between the motor pulley.

There are several belts you could use for the Moosoo vacuum cleaner. The most popular one is the FLAMO Replacement Belt, which is compatible with MOOSOO K17, 618A, and G201.

Frequently Asked Questions about Moosoo Vacuum Parts

  1. How Long will the battery Last?

How long the battery lasts will depend on how rapidly you vacuum. The charge capacity before you start vacuuming also matters. But all conditions held constant, you can bet on a fully-charged battery to take you for about 30 minutes of constant vacuuming

  1. How Do I Charge the Moosoo Vacuum Cleaner?

You will have to insert the battery into the main vacuum motor unit. After that, you should plug in the charger base, place the motor into it, and wait for it to turn green. Here is a video link to guide you further on charging the Moosoo vacuum cleaner.


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