A Step-by-Step Guide on how to clean roller brush on shark navigator vacuum

The Shark vacuum cleaner is one of the best vacuums today. It is a versatile gadget that fits both home and commercial cleaning purposes. But even the best vacuum cleaner will have no value if it is not cleaned and maintained correctly. One of the major concerns of Shark Navigator vacuum cleaners is how to clean roller brushes on Shark navigator vacuum.

Why do You have to clean the Roller brush on the Shark navigator vacuum cleaner?

The roller vacuum remains an essential element of your Shark navigator vacuum cleaner. It is where the vacuum cleaner first attracts debris and dirt. In the long run, the roller brush is bound to build up a lot of dirt and hair. Too much dirt and hair on the roller brush could render it and the entire vacuum cleaner useless. The reason is that such hair and debris can prevent the brush roll from spinning correctly, and this could lead to a drop in suction power. The remedy to this is to clean the roller brush. Continue reading to find out the procedure on how to clean brush roll on Shark navigator vacuum.

How to clean brush roll on Shark navigator vacuum

Step 1: Detach the Cleaning head from the main body

The first step in cleaning the roller brush on the Shark navigator vacuum is to detach the cleaning head from the main body. The Shark vacuum cleaners use screws to fasten this compartment. You can flip over the vacuum cleaner to access this compartment. You should use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the four screws below the brush area and the two screws near the larger wheels.

Step 2: Remove Smaller Wheels

The next step involves removing the smaller wheels. You should use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the two screws beneath the wheels. Lastly, unscrew the two screws located behind the crevice near the big wheels.

Step 3: Separate the lower part from the upper part

At this point, the roller brush compartment is lessened, and separating the lower part from the upper part is easy. But you should separate the two parts gently, so you don’t have to tamper with the wired electrical connection found within.

Step 4: Snip all the dirt and hair from the brush roller

With the help of a sharp pair of scissors, you should snip all the debris, hair, and dust from the roller brush. If there is so much hair entangled around the brush roller, you should use a pair of scissors to cut it into smaller parts, and this will make it easy to pull the hair off from the brush roller.

Step 5: Wash and Assemble Everything

If the roller brush is damaged beyond repair, perhaps it would help to order a new one. If not, you should wash it with clean water and assemble everything back like before.

How frequently Should I clean the Roller brush?

How frequently you clean the roller brush on shark navigator vacuum will depend on how frequently you use the brush. If you use the brush too often, cleaning it once every month would be best.

Below is a link to a video you can watch to learn more about how to open the brush roll open plate


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