A Detailed Guide on Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum

A yard vacuum is a machine that works pretty much the same as a house vacuum. It sucks up debris, including fallen leaves, leaving your yard looking clean and tidy. There are different types and models of yard vacuums in the market to choose from, depending on your yard care needs.

Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum offers several functionalities to remove fallen leaves from your yard or flower bed. In this article, we will look at a detailed review of this yard vacuum to help you make an informed buying decision.

What is Craftsman 4 in 1 Yard Vacuum?

Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum is a landscaping machine that can vacuum, chip, shred, and blow away yard debris. Run by a powerful 1900 cc engine, this multipurpose vacuum can quickly transform your yard by eliminating unsightly leaves, sticks, and twigs without destroying the flowers or sucking up rocks. 

It is powered by gasoline, making it a convenient option if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of swapping batteries or cords getting in your way. This vacuum comes with plenty of attachments to make things much easier. Among is a wide hose and nozzle with a wide cleaning path, allowing you to tackle a large area within a short time.

Impressively, this powerful unit has a double bag leaf collection system that uses airflow produced when the high-lift blades are in operation. This allows you to collect a large capacity of leaves. The bag leaf system is quite easy to install and remove even without tools. 

During seasons, you can store the bag in your garage or shed with ease thanks to its collapsible frame. Overall, this yard vacuum is one the best gas-powered model money can buy when you want to suck, shred, chip, or blow leaves from your yard.

Pros & Cons

Just like any other product, the Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum has its advantages and disadvantages. They include:


  • 4-in-1 design
  • Multipurpose and easy switches between functions
  • Consistent suction power
  • Includes useful tools and accessories
  • Includes 2 bu. bag capacity
  • Adjustable height
  • Long hose and wide nozzle


  • Mulch ration is limited
  • Not ideal for mowing







Briggs & Stratton 1900cc Engine

Fuel Tank Capacity


1.6 quarts

Bagger Capacity


2 Bushels

Blade Material



Wheel Size




Who Should Buy a Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum?

If you are looking for an easy way to keep your yard and pathways free from leaves and branches, then the Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum may be what you need. This high-speed model is designed for midsize and large yards and it won’t get you fatigued due to its strong air volume and large capacity. 

Unlike electric models, this gas-powered model can cover a huge area in one go. It does not require access to an electric outlet, making it suitable for large outdoor spaces.

It may also be worth considering if you are looking powerful model that will suck up more than just leaves. With this single unit, you can do so much including picking up twigs and branches and you won’t have to worry about clogging. 

Review of Craftsman 4 in 1 Yard Vacuum

Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum is a powerful vacuum that is reliable for removing leaves and branches in lawns and flowerbeds. The machine is equipped with a powerful and long-lasting engine that handles heavy-duty tasks and delivers exceptional performance.

It is designed for versatility and it can make work easier by vacuuming, chipping, shredding, and blowing. It features a chipper chute that shreds branches measuring up to 2 inches. What’s more, the height is adjustable and can be tweaked between 3/8 inches and 4 inches depending on the type of debris in your yard. 

This yard vacuum is equipped with plenty of attachments, which are crucial for getting around tight spaces. The onboard hose is particularly useful for removing leaves and branches in hard-to-reach areas. It is wide and can help you reach cramped places without much difficulty. 

There is also a 24” vacuum nozzle, which is a time saver since it allows you to tackle a wide path in a short time. Plus, the nozzle comes in handy when you need to clean in tight corners and along the fence lines.

Reducing leaves and branches from pathways and yards is also made easier by the blower attachment. The blower delivers an impeccable speed of up to 750-CFM, and therefore, you won’t need to put in much effort to get the job done. Since it is coupled with a high CFM, this yard vacuum may be an excellent choice for cleaning large yards. 

The yard vacuum’s steel blade shreds up to 8 bags of leaves down to one to give an 8:1 mulch ratio. This means that the vacuum can collect up to 8 bags of debris and shred them down to a single bag of mulch. A downside, however, is that this mulch ratio can be insufficient for some users compared to what other models in the same price range offer.

Something else that stands out about this yard vacuum is the two-bushel bagger. The bag has a large capacity and minimizes the number of times it requires emptying. This will not only save you significant time but it also requires minimal effort.

Additionally, the ag system features a zipper opening that lets you dispose of the debris when the bag is full. However, you should ensure that it does not get too full as it can be difficult to empty. 

Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum is designed with comfort and ease of use in mind. It comes with an ergonomic handle that is comfortable to use and doesn’t feel cumbersome. The handle also facilitates easy maneuverability of the machine. 

Plus, you can use the machine on any type of terrain thanks to its pneumatic ball-bearing wheels. The wheels measure 8 inches and offer plenty of control and stability during use.

Comparison Chart



Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum

BLACK + DECKER 3-in-1 VACPACK Leaf Vacuum

Husqvarna 125BVx  Handheld Leaf Blower/Vacuum

Greenworks 40V Brushless Cordless Vacuum









190 CC 4-Cycle Gas Engine

120 Volts (12 amp)

28 CC 2-Cycle Gas Engine

 40V Rechargeable Battery



750 CFM

400 CFM

425 CFM

380 CFM




11.1 Pounds

9.6 Pounds

9.26 Pounds


Questions About Craftsman 4 in 1 Yard Vacuum

Can I use this machine to mow grass in my yard?

No, the Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum is not designed for mowing the grass. You can only use it to get rid of leaves, sticks, and twigs, in your yard. 

What is the difference between this vacuum and a mower leaf vacuum?

In most cases, a mower leaf vacuum is ideal when you want to suck up debris outdoors. It also comes large and may not be able to do what a yard vacuum like Craftsman 4-in-1 model can do. 

While you can purchase a mower leaf vacuum, it may not get the job done on places like sidewalks, driveways, porches, fences, and decks. This is where this yard vacuum proves helpful since it can blow, vacuum, and shred leaves, making it easier to clear fallen leaves in hard-to-reach areas. 

How many bags of leaves can this vacuum shrewd down to one bag?

Well, the mulch ratio of this model is 8:1, meaning that it can shrewd down 8 bags of leaves to one bag.

Is the craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum easy to use?

Yes, being a gas-powered model, this Craftsman model delivers consistent power that makes it possible to clean a large yard with ease. The bag size is also designed to make it easier to empty since you will only be required to empty it less often.

Plus, the handle has an ergonomic design and the wheels are pneumatic wheels, which also add to the ease of use of the unit. 

How do I remove leaves without sucking up rocks?

Rocks can be damaging to your yard vacuum; therefore, you should ensure that you don’t suck them up while vacuuming. The best way to ensure this is to adjust the speed system so that the machine is powerful enough to only suck leaves and not rocks. This is especially useful when you are trying to get rid of leaves on your gravel.

Which riding mower is the Craftsman leaf bag system compatible with?

Craftsman leaf collection system is engineered to effectively collect leaves and debris in your yard. This system is compatible with Craftsman riding mower models including T100, T200, and T2000. The mowers should have 42-inch and 46-inch decks.

Video of Craftsman 4 in 1 Yard Vacuum


When it comes to choosing the best yard vacuum, several things should be considered including the power source, airflow, and collection bag capacity, among others. Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum offers a combination of convenience, performance, and functionality.

It is a highly-versatile unit that will enable you to get much done within a short time. Ultimately, those looking for a unit that performs well and features an ergonomic design will appreciate the Craftsman 4-in-1 Yard Vacuum.

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