A Complete Review of the Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic MC-Cl935 Vacuum Cleaner is a highly reliable Bagless Canister Vacuum that is worth investing in. The vacuum cleaner is high-performance and comes with a compact design for ease of handling and for smooth maneuverability. The handle of the vacuum is comfortable and ergonomic which gives the user comfortability when using it.

Also, it is relatively lightweight which makes it easier for the user to move around the house and carry it up and down the staircases. Additionally, if you are looking for a relatively low noise vacuum cleaner, you might as well consider this one. You can hold up a conversation or concentrate at work while the vacuum is vacuuming. It is among the quiet vacuums in the market.

The Panasonic MC-Cl935 Vacuum Cleaner is excellent at collecting pet hair, dirt and debris on all types of floors including on carpet and rugs. Additionally, you can use it for cleaning the car interiors and furniture.

Features of Panasonic MC-Cl935 Vacuum Cleaner

  • 12-amp motor machine which is both quiet and powerful and can easily adapt to different types of floors.
  • The JetForce Cyclonic Filtration ensures there is good flow of clean air around the house. It is fitted with an hour glass shaped dust cup together with 9 cyclonic cylinders that effectively separates the dirt from the incoming air for purified clean air around the house.
  • Additionally, the vacuum uses the washable HEPA filters which trap up to 99.99% of dust particles, pet dander, and other micro-organisms in the air.
  • The vacuum has the 360-degree swivel hose which enables the user to turn the hose easily towards all directions for al round cleaning.
  • The vacuum comes with the Pet Turbine Brush which effectively removes pet hair on all types of floors including carpets.
  • It has the onboard tools for easy cleaning on high parts of the room such as ceilings and upholstery.

Pros and Cons: Panasonic MC-CL935 Canister Vacuum


  • The vacuum is simple to assemble
  • It has powerful suction strength.
  • It is relatively
  • It is a bagless vacuum thus no need to purchase bags.
  • The14-inch wide nozzle allows the user to clean a large area within a small amount of time
  • The handle controls on and off switch allows the user to easily and conveniently switch it off or switch and quickly switch from carpet to floor settings and vice versa.
  • The ergonomic and curved carrying handle on top makes it easy carry and use it on stairs. Also, it helps with easy carrying and maneuvering of the vacuum cross the room.
  • The vacuum is fitted with a superior quality air turbine brush which efficiently and quickly removes stubborn pet hair on all types of floors.
  • The vacuum has carpet height adjustments which comes in handy for cleaning carpets and adjusting to bare floors.
  • The vacuum has headlights which are useful when cleaning in dark areas such as under the furniture and dark corners.
  • The vacuum is fairly priced and affordable.


  • The dustbin is relatively small which requires the user to empty the dustbin quite often.

Specifications and Design of the Panasonic MC-Cl935

On & Off Switch Location

On the handle


Crevice Tool / Dusting Brush

Exhaust Filter

HEPA Media





Dust bag type


Hose Swivel    


Belt Style


Cleaning Path

14 inches

Cord Length

24 feet

Carpet Height Adjustment


Bare Floor Option



Double Molded, Soft Wheel



Filtration technology


Input power per weight

101.0 w/lb

Input power



31.31 lb.

 Who Should Buy Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner?

The Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner is suitable for both domestic and commercial settings. Anyone looking for a high-performance and durable vacuum cleaner with good filtration system should consider the Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner. The great filtration system comes in handy for people with pets such as cats and dogs that are heavy on shedding their fur. The pet hair and dander may trigger allergies and respiratory discomforts. The filters of the vacuum trap the pet dander, dust, and allergens in the air thus reducing instances of allergies.

Reasons you should consider this vacuum cleaner are;

  • It has a massive power input of 2000 W
  • It utilizes a 6-layer filtration system with two HEPA filters
  • It is light weight and compact
  • Comes with various attachments for different types of cleaning
  • It is relatively quiet
  • It is easy to store the vacuum away and it does not take much space.

    Review of Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner

    The Panasonic MC-CL935 Jet Force Cyclonic Filtration Canister Vacuum Cleaner has incorporated cutting edge technology to ensure it delivers excellent results. The vacuum has an hour shaped dust cup with nine Cyclonic cylinders which are great for separating dirt from the incoming air which results into cleaner circulation of air, powerful and continuous suction and clean and long-lasting filters.

    The vacuum is equipped with a Powerful 12-Amp Motor which ensures a great and intense cleaning on different types of surfaces. Additionally, the vacuum has a zero turning radius design for easy maneuverability on any angle and on any surface, including on the carpets and rugs.

    Also, the vacuum has a long air path which softens the loud noise of the vacuum using the exhaust vent on the top side of the body to minimize the noise levels. So, the amount of voice produced by the vacuum is significantly minimal, which allows you to work, sleep or hold up a conversation while the vacuum is on. The vacuum has a motorized power head with a quick release, height adjustment, and a head light which comes in handy when dealing with different types of floors and when cleaning dimly lit areas.

    The on and off power button is located on the handle for easy and convenient controlling of the vacuum. Also, the vacuum handle is slightly curved and ergonomic for comfortability of the user. The 360 Degree hose swivel allows the user to clean in any direction without straining, bending or twisting the hose.

    The vacuum has Variable Suction controls for easy and fast adjustment of the amount of suction going into the vacuum if you are cleaning delicate parts or other parts of the house that require a delicate touch. In addition, the vacuum comes with a wide range of accessories such as the crevice tool, the Aluminum Telescopic Wand for extension, dusting brush among others making it a versatile vacuum cleaner.

    Comparison Chart: Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner Vs. Bosch BGS4140GB VS.  Dyson DC25


    Panasonic MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner

    Bosch BGS4140GB

    Dyson DC25






    Double Molded, Soft Wheel



    Level of noise

    Not established

    73 dB

    Not established



    5.8 kg

    7.36 kg

    Cleaning Path

    14 inches

    280 mm


    Carpet Height Adjustment




    Filter type

    HEPA Media Filter

    HEPA filters and allergy filter

    HEPA Filters

    Cord length

    24 feet

    9.2 meters

    25.6 ft

    Attachments and Accessories

    ·       Crevice Tool

    ·       Dusting Brush

    ·       upholstery nozzle

    ·       Crevice tool

    ·       15-feet Telescopic Reach

    ·       Dual crevice tool

    ·       Upholstery brush comes in handy for corners, furniture and hard to reach areas

    ·       Stair brush for carpeted stairs.

    Frequently Asked Questions: Panasonic MC-Cl935 Vacuum Cleaner

    1.Can I adjust the Height of the vacuum cleaner?

    Yes, the user can adjust the height of vacuum depending on the type of the floor you are vacuuming.

    2.Why is my Panasonic vacuum losing its suction?

    There are several possible reasons as to why your vacuum might be losing its suction power. The possible reasons are, the user has not set the suction to the maximum, either the tube, the brush or the tube is clogged and the dust container or the dust bag is full.

    3.How often should I check the filter?

    A clean filter ensures that the vacuum is performing optimally at all times. A clogged filter can result into slow suction or malfunctioning of the vacuum. Therefore, you should check the status of the filters regularly and replace them when need be.

    4.What should I do to my smelly vacuum?

    To counter the awful smell from your vacuum cleaner, add a little washing powder into the dust bag or into the dust container.

    5.How do I empty the dirt from the vacuum?

    Removing the dust cap is easy. First, detach the dust compartment. Shift the beater lever and remove the dust particles. Then open the dust compartment and empty the dirt. Also, remove the dust trapped into the crevices of the HEPA filter.

    Video of Panasonic MC-Cl935 Vacuum Cleaner

    Watch here:


    The MC-CL935 Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful vacuum cleaner compared to the Jet Force upright. It has powerful suction which is great for vacuuming different types of floors. It is lightweight, easy to operate and the filters are highly efficient. Additionally, it has more smart features which makes it favorable and easy to use. For instance, the dust cup has an hour glass shape with nine cyclonic cylinders that separate the dirt from the incoming which results into a powerful continuous suction and clean filters.

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