A 2022 Comparative Review of Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum

Rainbow vacuum vs Kirby vacuum, which is better?

Rainbow and Kirby vacuums are both high-quality cleaning machines with the prospect to last for many years.  Rainbow has stayed the first and undisputed leader in the world of vacuum cleaners, and their reliability is tough to beat even with so much competition. However, Kirby came into the scene after, doing exceedingly great as well.

Although there are countless brands of vacuum cleaners available, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. Among the many are Rainbow and Kirby, which are well-known among buyers for various reasons. However, this article will assist you in understanding the difference between the two brands.

Rainbow Vacuum Vs Kirby Vacuums:  Specs and Features

Specs and Features of Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum

HEPA neutralizer filtration Vs water filtration

Rainbow vacuums are distinguished by their use of water filtration instead of the bag model that is common in many models. A two-stage filter cartridge is used by the Rainbow Cleaning System. The standard vacuum cleaner comes with 2 hard filtration systems (made from fibre, foam, paper, or cloth). The Kirby is an upright vacuum with a large bag that claims to filter to HEPA standards.

Power Nozzle vs Adjustable Brush Roll

The Rainbow Power Nozzle cleans carpeting, tile, linoleum, and other concrete floors exceptionally well. With the Power Nozzle's strong revolving brush, dirt, pet hair, and crumbs vanish. Circulating 'Active-Edge' brushes reach particles along baseboards that are difficult to reach. The Kirby vacuums have a brush roll that can be adjusted to extend the appliance's life. The strands on the brush roll may wear out over time. The brush roll adjuster enables the user to manually modify and bring it closer to the floor.

Strong Hurricane Motor vs Tech Drive Power Assist

Rainbow vacuums are driven by a 1.5 horsepower motor, which provides enough power output and vacuum pump to tackle even the most difficult cleaning jobs. Kirby figured out years back that dragging a heavy vacuum across a floor was exhausting. As a result, it looked for ways of making this convenient in the 1980s. Tech Drive power assist was the solution, an advanced technology that makes it much easier to push and pull the device while the motor is running.

Caster Wheels Vs Toe-Touch Control

Rainbow vacuum cleaners come with caster wheels and a 360-degree swivelling dolly. This versatility helps to move the vacuum cleaner quickly and finish your cleaning in minutes. Toe-touch control was introduced by Kirby, which allows users to disable the vacuum head from the body with their feet, making it simple to switch around storage and cleanup modes. Hence, fast cleaning.

The Price of Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum

Rainbows cost as low as $1,199 and as high as $3,000, and new Kirby's cost around $2,300 (though Kirby's price can be negotiated significantly lower).

Pros and Cons of Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum


  1. They are both cost-effective and effective to use. The fact that you don't have to buy and replace bags proves how practical comparing Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum. Consider how much money you'll save compared to bagged vacuums that require bag replacement on a regular basis.
  2. The suction power is always strong. The two vacuums have excellent suction, so you won't have any issues. There is no risk of losing suction due to clogging as long as the water canister is kept clean. And for the Rainbow vacuum, it's simple to clean the water reservoir. The dust canister is, of course, washable. Simply take out the water canister, drain the murky water, and replace it.
  3. The Kirby vacuum's Tech Drive power assist makes it simple to push and pull across the floor.
  4. The vacuums are long-lasting and built to last. The majority of users keep their vacuum cleaners for 12 to 15 years. In actuality, these vacuums have been passed down through the generations. The machines' durable materials are well worth your money.


  1. The Rainbow vacuum and Kirby cleaners are more expensive than the majority of vacuum cleaners on the market. Hence, they are not a viable option for those on a tight budget.
  2. Despite technological advancements, Rainbow and kirby vacuums are heavy.If you're searching for a lighter weight vacuum, these aren’t the brand for you. The huge weight of these vacuums are a major complaint among users.

Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum: Design

The design of Rainbow Vacuum and Kirby Vacuum are quite different. Kirby's cleaner has an upright design that makes it easier to store in a standing posture when not in use.  The Rainbow vacuum, on the other hand, has a canister design, which is heavier than upright cleaners but has stronger suction power and workability.

Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum: Cleaning power

The Kirby vacuum has a lot of suction power. It has advanced technology that allows it to increase suction power and outperform most other vacuums on the market today. It won't lose suction when the bag fills up, and it can easily suck up large debris.

Rainbow vacuum's immense power, on the other hand, is based on the included 450W turbo brushless motor. This powerful motor has a maximum speed of 130,000 RPM and a suction pressure of 25,000Pa.

Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum: Performance

The Kirby vacuum is an undoubtedly tough device with HEPA filter innovation that can easily pick up fine dust. It has TechDrive Power Assist Technology, which makes it easier to manoeuvre around tight corners. TechDrive power assist gives it 90% of the power it needs to move around the room.

Rainbow vacuums have a HEPA filtration system that removes 99.97% of all airborne allergens, making them ideal for people with allergies or who react to pollen and dust. The vacuum is filtering the wind and evicting cleansed air through its exhaust while it is running.

Rainbow Vacuum Review

Rainbow Vacuums are top-of-the-line vacuum cleaners made in the United States. Rainbow vacuums have a reputation for being dependable. They are, however, quite expensive, so they are not something you would choose without much thought. The Rainbow is a two-stage filtration canister vacuum cleaner with a water container and a HEPA filter.

More so, the Rainbow vacuums have been certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) as a proven air purifier aimed to minimize harmful emissions that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Kirby Vacuum Review

Kirby is an excellent carpet cleaner, but it is heavy and challenging to transform for tool use. It has a high airflow and is an efficient vacuum, but it is a fan-first structure, so all dirt and dust pass through a fan. It is cumbersome to use and difficult to get under furniture. It can be an excellent vacuum for large areas of carpeting. It would not be ideal, if you have a lot of hard surface flooring.

Comparison Chart: Rainbow E2 Black Vs. Kirby Avalir 2


Rainbow E2 Black

Kirby Avalir 2






Sparkle silver and blue plastic insertions


19.1 lbs

23.3 lbs

Hose length:

8 ft

7 ft

Cord Length:

25 ft

29 ft





15.5 x 11.8 x 15.8 inches

15 × 43 × 16 inches

Noise Level:

68 dB

70 dB

Suction Power:

70 CFM

400 AW

Water Tank Capacity:

0.625 gallons


Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum: Which Should You Choose?

If you want greater quality and durability and aren't concerned about price, I recommend Rainbow vacuums. Rainbow Vacuums has a proven track record in the vacuum industry. They've been around for almost a century. In fact, the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) certifies that this vacuum cleaner is a confirmed air cleaner designed to reduce air pollutants that contribute to poor indoor air quality.

Rainbow vacuums maintain suction even as they fill up with dirt. They filter with water, so as you pick up more dirt, your water becomes dirtier. They do not use a bag that loses suction as it fills up. Rainbow Vacuums have excellent suction, according to user reviews.

Furthermore, any new or refurbished Rainbow cleaner comes with a 5-year motor warranty, whereas the Kirby is different in that the warranty only applies to brand new models.

Rainbow Vacuums have a lot of spare parts that are easy to come by. They also produce aftermarket parts for nearly all models. As a result, you have the option of using genuine or aftermarket parts.

In the same vein, a rainbow's ability to disinfect mattresses is one of its unique characteristics. Six accessories are included with the rainbow vacuum cleaner. Rainbow offers additional accessories, such as Aqua Mate, which converts them to carpet cleaners, Rain Jet, MiniJet, Super Mop, and Rainbow Mate, in addition to the equipment included in the kit.

Video of Rainbow Vacuum vs Kirby Vacuum:

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