Ryobi evercharge vacuum Compare & Reviews: Ryobi ‎P718K, RYOBI P714K, Ryobi P7131

What is a Ryobi Evercharge vacuum cleaner?

As the name suggests, an evercharge vacuum cleanercomes with the “Intelliport™ technology” that protects the battery cells, increase the battery life, and converses energy. This vacuum cleaner has an innovative adaptor that can be mounted on a wall for storagepurposes which helps in charging the batteries continuously and conveniently. As a result of this, the tool is always ready for use.

Ryobi evercharge vacuum cleaner is also not an exception in this case. It helps to clean every corner of a home hassle-free along with the help of cordless accessibility. Usually, these vacuum cleaners are extremely light in weight and the flexible design allows the users to reachhigh surfaces and tight corners. Not only these, but the large and angled dust cup also allows the vacuum for easy emptying and dirt removal.

The key point for picking up these vacuums are their Evercharge docks and the accessory holders. The users just need to plug it in, and simply dock the stick vacuum while not in use. In this way,the Evercharge wall dock will immediately connect through the vacuum to the battery. Just after that, a green light will be on and will let the users know about the battery status.

2. Video about Ryobi evercharge vacuum cleaner

3. Features and Functionality

(i) Ryobi Evercharge Stick Vacuum Cleaner P718K

This model is an innovative one from the brand Ryobi which is most popular as the One+ evercharge stick vacuum. As it is designed and built with a stick form, it automatically allows the users a hassle-free cleaning. The cherry on top is it is cordless and very lightweight. As a result, you can easily clean the high surfaces and hard-to-reach corners neatly. This vacuum cleaner also comes with a large andangled dust cup that allows you to empty the bin and remove dust more conveniently. The run time of this vacuum cleaner is quite long and it can operate continuously for up to 30 minutes. This Ryobi stick vacuum comes with a dust brush, crevice tool, anda power head to vacuum the floors neatly. It also hasan amazing 4.0 Ah battery pack for which it can run up to 25 minutes after every charge. The extension wand is flexible and can be adjusted for cleaning different things and places. Like, if anyone wants to vacuum any furniture or any other application, they can do it without any hassle even while still using the power roller head. Along with that, users canalso swap out the head for either a dust brush or the crevice tool for more flexibility.

Bagged /bagless- Not known

Upright/canister- Not known

Corded/cordless- Cordless

Filters- Disk

Parts-A crevice tool, dust brush,a power head, extension wand

For pet- Not known

(ii)RYOBI P714K Evercharge CordlessHand Vacuum

This Ryobi evercharge vacuum cleaner is cordless and hand-held. It comes with 18-Volt ONE+ Lithium-Ion compact battery which provides 1.3 Ah power. A wall charger or adapter also comes with it which helps to keep this vacuum cleaner charged always. This falls under the evercharge feature. Because of the internal charging system of this vacuum cleaner, the battery always stays charged once the unit is positioned on the wall mount adaptor.

Not only these, but this cordless vacuum is also 27% quieter in comparison with its previous model. Apart from these, the best part of this vacuum is that all the tools are backed by a 3-Years of manufacturing warranty. Moreover, this kit includes the evercharge hand vacuum, a wall adaptor or charger, a 1.3 Ah Lithium-Ion battery, and the manual for operators.

Also, the filter that comes with it is replaceable and has the capacity to hold 3.5 cups of dirt and debris. There is an onboard LED light that notifies the users about the charging status and also informs them when the battery is fully charged. This vacuum cleaner is available with “INTELLIPORT” technology that protects the battery cells, make the best use ofthe battery life, and conserves energy. Along with this, the strong motor power of the machine sucks a variety of dry materials with great ease. Not only these, but the unique nose shape of the vacuumhelps the user to easily vacuum the debris of tight spaces.

Bagged /bagless- Bagless

Upright/canister- Canister

Corded/cordless- Cordless

Filters- Replacement and dual filters

Parts- “P714 EVERCHARGE™ Hand Vacuum”, “P102 18V ONE+™ Compact Lithium-Ion Battery”, “P180 Wall Adaptor/Charger and Operator’s Manual”.

For pet-Not known

(iii) Ryobi P7131 Battery Powered Cordless Hand Vacuum 

This vacuum cleaner is battery-powered but provides high power for suction. It can easily pick up varieties of dry material and keep the surface clean. The Ryobi handheld vacuum comes with different tools including a pre-filter, replaceable filter, crevice tool, and many others. All the tools including the vacuum cleaner have 3 years of warranty which makes it more desirable for mass.

The design of this vacuum cleaner is completely innovative and upgraded and the product material is quite sturdy. The dual filter system allows the machine to capture debris and deliverssuperior vacuum performance. There is a dust bowl that is mainly used for an easy and quick cleaning as well as collects debris in the disposal box without creating any mess. Also, onboard storage is there for placing the crevice tool conveniently. A Gripzone is also provided so that users can holdthe machine comfortably with the optimum grip.

Bagged /bagless- Bagless

Upright/canister- Not known

Corded/cordless- Cordless

Filters- Replaceable paper filter

Parts- “P7131 18V ONE+ Cordless Hand Vacuum”, “crevice tool with built-in slide brush”,replaceable filter, pre-filter, and manuals for operators

for pet- Yes

Reviews and Features

Usually, the Ryobi evercharge vacuums run continuously for 25 to 45 minutes. Ryobi has introduced all the innovative vacuum cleaners with amazing features and attractive tools. Though these are superior in quality still people can afford these for a reasonable price. Now in this article,some important features of these three models of Ryobi evercharge vacuumwill be reviewed comprehensively.

(i) Ryobi Evercharge Stick Vacuum Cleaner P718K

  • On and off facility for Roller Bar
  • High and low switches for suction and to clean multiple surfacesconveniently
  • 45 minutes of runtimes
  • 50% of more bristles for faster and deeper cleaning
  • Toll-free quick-release facility for easy debris and hair removal from the bristles
  • Captures debris of all sizes, starting from cereal to sawdust
  • Easily convertible into a handheld vacuum
  • Ideal for cleaning cars, blinds, stairs, and so on
  • Intelligent and superior brushless motor for deep cleaning
  • Longer run time, more suction, and more power
  • Wall mount charger for always keeping the battery charged
  • 8x time faster battery charging
  • Easy clean-up and quick emptying facility

(ii)RYOBI P714K Evercharge Cordless Hand Vacuum

  • An innovative wall mount charger and adapter allowthe battery to stay always ready to use and charged.
  • Improved gripzone for finest grip and comfort for users
  • On-board LED light for notifying the users about the charging status
  • Intelliport Technology for maximizing battery life and conserving energy
  • Strong motor power for superior suction that helps to pick up different dry materials easily
  • Lightweight, portable, and for fast cleaning up
  • Dual Filter System that captures debris easily and improves the vacuum performance
  • Produce 27% less sound in comparison with the previous model
  • Large cup capacity helps in larger cleaning jobs.

(iii) Ryobi P7131 Battery Powered Cordless Hand Vacuum 

  • Dual Filter
  • Powerful Suction for superior performance
  • Gripzone facility for enhanced grip and comfort
  • New and enhanced ergonomic design
  • “Easy-clean” dust bowl helps in quicker debris disposal without creating a mess
  • On-board storage helps in crevice tool placement with proper convenience
  • 3-years of warranty on the product and tools

Comparison among 3 models

Performance and Functionality

Ryobi Evercharge Stick Vacuum Cleaner P718K

RYOBI P714K Evercharge Cordless Hand Vacuum

Ryobi P7131 Battery Powered Cordless Hand Vacuum


8.8 pounds

2.2 pounds

2 pounds


Green and Black

Green and Black

Green and Black


Not known








‎Not known

3.5 cups

3.5 cups


3 Years

3 Years

3 Years

4. FAQs

(i) What is the time of battery charging for the P718K Ryobi evercharge vacuum?

The 5 amp battery usually takes about two hours to get charged.For light vacuuming, the battery lasts around four weeks before further charging.

(ii) Is there any hose attachment with a crevice tool available in P714K Ryobi evercharge vacuum?

No, there is not any hose attachment till today.

(iii) Is the P7131 Ryobi evercharge vacuum portable?

Yes, that is absolutely portable. Even you can walk around with it, without any struggle. 


Considering all these facts, it can be said that the Ryobi evercharge vacuum is undoubtedlya great fit to clean any portion of the home effortlessly.This powerful and ergonomic vacuum cleaner can reach any point of a home to clean neatly. The price is also reasonable people can afford it without any second thought. However, the two big advantages of the Ryobi evercharge vacuums are their easy charging capability and their compatibility with the “ONE+ system”. So, there are enough reasons to pick this up. Give these a chance and we are sure you will not regret it!

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